Poetic media is a photography based media company, a collaboration between myself and Ken Yau (Check out his work here).

Wedding/couple photography, portraiture, company branding/development, and web media are just some of the things we do. 

I'll make sure to let the world know as soon as the website is up, and there will be many more details. In the meantime, feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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Although this page still needs some fine tuning, here's a rundown of the projects/work that I have on the go currently:

Collective Commons is a social media collaboration platform, aimed at bringing innovators, investors, and creators closer together. In my mind, this would be an amazing way to utilize the internet in order to bring ideas and tangible innovation to life, by creating the platform for people to do so.

Though it's a startup idea in its early stages, this is something I'm passionate about, and hope I can bring to life soon. Let me know if you have any input on this idea.